Our Services

As a full-service, consultative, independent agency, Gabriel Network Consulting offers the following services:


Business Telecommunication Services

Whether it's time to shop your existing voice and data services or a good time to review existing services, Gabriel Network Consulting will save you time AND money. Rather than meeting with a half dozen different sales people that are all trying to get you to buy from their company, contact us!  


We have agent agreements with all the major providers and many speciality niche providers.  We will "bring the market to you", provide our advice so you can weigh your options and choose what's best for you.  


"We Shop, We Advise, You Choose, You Save!"


Telecom Expense Management

Large organizations find themselves buried in telecom issues and telecom invoices.   The Tellennium Group provides solutions. 


Today’s ever-changing telecom charges are often inaccurate, complicated, and fraudulent. Without centralized sophisticated software tools and well-defined processes, enterprises cannot possibly manage telecom expenses effectively.


Tellennium’s flexible telecom expense management software services reduce the time required to process invoices, as well as centralize and improve the management of all telecom expenses, wireless devices and plans, circuit inventories, equipment, and more. As an automated data mining solution, Tellennium’s Integrated Management System TIMS delivers comprehensive telecom vendor and carrier expense analyses that identify areas of concern, variances, and abuse; controlling telecom costs and processes. Through our secure Web portal, properly credentialed users can access this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – from anywhere – to view enterprise-level charges, circuit information, historical data, images of actual invoices, and more.


While managing invoices and charge allocations, Tellennium can simultaneously and continuously audit them for fraudulent and inaccurate charges. Tellennium will also recommend ways to improve productivity and efficiency, with multiple service packages available to fit any enterprise.


Managed SD WAN, Network Security, Nationwide Break/Fix, Large Scale Deployments

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems